About the consortium partners

  • Cystic Fibrosis Europe

    CFE is the federation of national CF Associations in Europe. CFE represents persons with CF and their families in Europe. Currently, national CF Associations from 39 European countries are member of CF Europe. CFE works in close collaboration with other international organizations and is an active partner in several European projects. www.cf-europe.eu

  • European Cystic Fibrosis Society (ECFS)

    ECFS is an international community of scientific and clinical professionals committed to improving survival and quality of life for people with CF by promoting high quality research, education and care. The Clinical Trial Network (ECFS-CTN) provides access to 43 CF centers experienced in clinical research and spread over 15 different countries throughout Europe. The aim of this network is to intensify clinical research in CF and to bring new medicines to the patients as quickly as possible. www.ecfs.eu/

  • Patergrus – Biotechsubsidy

    Biotechsubsidy is the commercial name of the legal entity Patergrus. They are founded in 2007 by Dr. Marc Van de Craen and located in Belgium. Patergrus combines business and marketing services with grant management services. By mains of their solid scientific background and in-depth knowledge of the biotech industry, they go far beyond their peers in these areas. www.biotechsubsidy.com

  • Hubrecht Organoid Technology (HUB)

    Hub is a not-for-profit organization founded by the Hubrecht Institute, KNAW and University Medical Center Utrecht, The Netherlands. The HUB is founded on the pioneering work of Prof. Dr. Hans Clevers who discovered methods to grow stem cell-derived human epithelial ‘mini-organs’ (organoids) from tissues of patients with various diseases including cancer and cystic fibrosis, representing an in vitro platform for preclinical drug discovery and validation and a tool for precision medicine. https://huborganoids.nl/

  • Julius Clinical

    Julius Clinical was founded as a spin-off from the University Medical Center (UMC) Utrecht, the Netherlands. Julius Clinical manages global clinical drug trials that will have a major impact on medicine and make a real difference to people’s lives around the world. The unique combination of scientific leadership and operational excellence ensures that the data obtained from the trials is of the highest quality. www.juliusclinical.com

  • University Hospital Leuven (Belgium)

    The University Hospital of Leuven, embedded in the Catholic University of Leuven (KU Leuven), provides high-quality, comprehensive health care, including specialized tertiary care based on scientific expertise and social responsibility. In doing so it strives towards optimum accessibility and respect for all patients. Working at all times for better, safer patient care is the essence of the hospital’s philosophy. The hospital has developed a leading CF reference center taking care of 360 patients with CF. www.uzleuven.be

  • BioISI – Biosystems & Integrative Sciences Institute, Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisboa (Portugal)

    The mission of BioISI is to pursue research of excellence in biological systems and Integrative sciences and that of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisboa is to expand the limits of science and technology, transfer scientific knowledge into society, and promote research-based student education. www.bioisi.pt

  • University Medical Centre Utrecht (The Netherlands, coordinating center)

    Care, research and education are the three mainstays of UMC Utrecht. These mainstays are inextricably intertwined in their ongoing efforts to improve people’s health. Leading scientific research, groundbreaking innovation and collaboration with patients and other interested parties form the basis of their first-rate healthcare. UMC Utrecht aims for responsible innovation and is eager to put improvements into practice.
    The CF Centre Utrecht is taking care of 460 patients with CF. www.umcutrecht.nl/nl/

  • Eloxx Pharmaceuticals

    Eloxx Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing a library of novel small molecule RNA-modulating drug candidates (designed to be eukaryotic ribosomal selective glycosides) formulated to treat rare and ultra-rare premature stop codon diseases by restoring production of full-length proteins. Eloxx’s lead investigational product candidate, ELX-02, is in the early stages of clinical development focusing on cystic fibrosis. Eloxx recently announced a new program focused on rare ocular genetic disorders. www.eloxxpharma.com

  • Proteostasis Therapeutics

    Proteostasis is an innovative, clinical stage biopharmaceutical company committed to the discovery and development of novel therapeutics to treat cystic fibrosis. We are focusing on identifying therapies that restore protein function and our CF focused pipeline currently consists of three novel CFTR modulators. We are driven by the goal of providing new treatment options that offer solutions for all patients, including patients for which no effective therapies exist. www.proteostasis.com

Program leader

Prof C.K. van der Ent, UMC Utrecht (The Netherlands)

Contact details for more information

Arjen Zeegers
+31 (0)648211804


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